About Us



Green Footprint Solutions Ltd (GFS) was created in 2013 to help the hospitality, educational and commercial markets with earth safe, people safe, cost saving products and technologies. Headquartered in Bangkok, we also have representatives in Chonburi and Phuket.



Our work focuses on two areas – clean building spaces and energy savings.

Clean, safe work and living environments are a daily necessity, particularly in hotels, restaurants and schools. GFS offers bio-technology hygiene products, a safe alternative to toxic chemical based cleaners.

Chemical cleaners are dangerous for people and harmful to the environment and the surfaces they are used on. Bio-technology cleaners are non-toxic and work in the same way that nature does. They clean more effectively than toxic chemicals while being safe for people and the earth, and low cost.


Bio-technology is also effective in the cleaning of air conditioning systems. Present day cleaners are corrosive and dangerous. Enzyme based cleaners work better and are completely safe. Besides helping building owners to guard against the health effects of mold, bacteria and viruses commonly found in aircon systems, cleaning is a proven energy saver.


Energy waste cuts your profits!  Automatic control technologies reduce energy use when rooms are not occupied and energy efficient lighting cuts energy used when spaces are occupied.


Motion based aircon control systems assure that costly mechanical systems run only when needed. LED lighting replacements reduce the cost of lighting your building to a fraction of what current lighting systems consume.


GFS will help you save money, improve your building’s safety and leave a “green footprint” for the future.